1. Go to sirius-ai.online website.

2. Click «Enter» on the right on top of the screen.

3. Click «Register» on the right on top of the screen.

4. Complete the form. We will need your name and your email address. Create a strong password using numbers, special symbols and upper- and lowercase letters.

5. Tap on ILC Token click.

6. Check out the PPM, White Paper and KYC Politics. Read the documents thoroughly. Make sure that you fully understand all the risks associated with this investment. Please note that the Company cannot be held liable for potential loss of your funds.

7. Complete a KYC check. You will have to provide your passport or ID-card, your selfie with your passport or ID-card and the proof of address as well as your email and mobile phone. You will receive two verification codes which will be sent to your email and via SMS. Complete the check by entering these codes on the website.

8. Enter the number of Tokens you are willing to purchase. Please note that the Tokens are only available in Packages.

9. After the approval you will receive a share purchase agreement which will be sent to your Profile. The payment procedure will be described in the agreement. We accept fiat (USD) payments for your convenience. Complete the payment, sign the agreement and upload it on the Platform. You will receive further instructions on your email.

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